White papers

  • Fiber vs Copper Download

    Optical Fiber vs. Copper: The Key Distinctions

    This white paper has been written to compare and contrast the differences of optical fiber versus copper cabling in industrial networking. Both types of cabling play important roles in industrial networking and they both have applications that make one or the other desirable depending on the circumstances.

  • MQTT Download

    What Is MQTT?     

    The MQTT messaging protocol was first developed in 1999 by IBM and Cirrus Link, and was accepted as an ISO standard in 2013, starting with version 3.1. MQTT uses a publish-subscribe pattern (see Figure 2) to exchange messages. As illustrated in the figure, an MQTT system comprises one broker and several clients, where clients can either be publishers or subscribers. Publishers send data to the broker in the form of MQTT packets, which consist of a “topic” and “payload.” The broker then distributes the data to subscribers based on which topics they have expressed interest in.

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