• 2021 An Insider’s Guide to Bringing Your Serial Devices to the IIoT Download

    The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers businesses the opportunity to transform their operation and increase profits by providing a better understanding of how assets are performing, or even better, how their assets will perform in real time. The results that drive investment in the IIoT include an increase in productivity, operation efficiency, and reduced operational costs. Many businesses also sees IIoT investment as a means to gain a competitive edge over their competitors.

  • 2020 Cellular Wifi IIot Gateway Application Guidebook Download

    The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is enabling companies everywhere to reap the benefits of faster and more informed decision-making, predictive maintenance, and more. Although these advantages may seem fairly obvious, how to actually connect industrial devices and equipment to the Internet for diverse applications in different locations and environments is less clear.

  • 2020 Selection Guide Download

    Enabling Connectivity for Industrial Transformation

    Network Infrastructure - Edge Connectivity - Industrial Computing

  • Serial-to-Ethernet Q&A Version 2020 Download

    In today’s increasingly competitive global environment, leveraging the right technologies and optimizing existing assets is more important than ever for businesses to stay ahead of the competition. In particular, the ability to bring data from all corners of your enterprise onto a common platform for performance measurement, analytics, and even strategic management has helped companies around the world improve productivity and gain an edge over their competitors.

  • Serial to Ethernet Brochure Download

    The purpose of this Serial-to-Ethernet Guidebook is to provide Product Managers and Sales Personnel working in the communications industry with a general introduction to the terminology and methodology of the serial-to-Ethernet field.

  • Industrial Wireless Guidebook 2019 Download

    Wireless technologies have become increasingly popular in industrial automation as growing numbers of system integrators, governmental agencies, and industrial solution providers continue to turn to these solutions for their applications.

  • The Industrial 4G LTE Starter Guide 2019 Download

    The world is moving towards Internet-connected devices and equipment. There will be a period of time as we figure out how to enable this connectivity for a wide range of devices, applications, and environments.
    4G LTE offers many advantages as an easily deployed method to connect a large number of industrial devices and sensors to the Internet. However, there are situations and considerations to be aware of so you can avoid issues with industrial protocols, data plan overages, private IP address issues, and more.
    In this guide we go over the scenarios where 4G LTE makes the most sense, the challenges you’ll most likely encounter, and some practical tips that will help you avoid the most common pitfalls.

  • Smart Manufacturing Blueprint Download

    Smart factories are actively being adopted across the globe, with industrial manufacturing, automotive and transportation, and aerospace industries leading the pack with an ongoing initiative. By embracing new technologies around the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), big data, and AI, these businesses can reduce operational costs while increasing productivity and efficiencies in their manufacturing processes. This is achieved through the implementation of a combination of connected devices, predictive maintenance, automating tasks, and data visualization. Check out our infographic to see where your smart factory stands within its respective country.