• Products for Redefining Futureproof Industrial Networks Download

    It’s time to make sure your networks are prepared for a changing world. When it comes to operational resilience, those industries that have started to transform through IT/OT convergence have achieved better operational continuity and flexibility than those that have not. As an industrial networking pioneer, Moxa’s expertise continues to help customers succeed. We are dedicated to innovating ways to optimize your industrial network communications. Our solutions help you adapt quickly to trends and changes by further integrating IT and OT, pushing previously closed OT communications into the open cloud, and bringing more IT into the control field. Our next-generation network solutions facilitate seamless IT/OT integration and provide enhanced network security, scalable performance, solid reliability, and simplified management to increase your operational resilience and efficiency.

  • NAT-102 : 2-port industrial Network Address Translation (NAT) devices Download

    The NAT-102 Series is an industrial NAT device that is designed to simplify the IP configuration of machines in existing network infrastructure in factory automation environments. The NAT-102 Series provides complete NAT functionality to adapt your machines to specific network scenarios without complicated, costly, and time-consuming configurations. These devices also protect the internal network from unauthorized access by outside hosts.

  • 2021: Powering Up Smart Grid Transformations Download

    High-performance Substation Computers Built for Smart Grids

    Both brownfield and greenfield substation projects require high-speed, high-volume communications that can withstand high EMI/EMC interference. The DA Series is an IEC 61850-3 substation computer that features a powerful Intel® processor and multiple expansion interfaces to enable robust connectivity for smart grids.

  • 10 tips to ramp up industrial network security Download

    10 Tips to Ramp Up Network Security for Industrial Application

  • Simple Network Management Application note Download

    When adapting to the digital “new normal,” automation engineers and maintenance service providers look for intuitive network management solutions to deal with the new challenges of increasingly complex networks. As maximum uptime is critical to keep business going smoothly, remote network management becomes an invaluable tool for handling emergencies quickly and efficiently.

  • Moxa Cybersecurity Case Studies Download

    Moxa Cybersecurity Case Studies

  • 2020 Application Note OnCell Cellular Gateways Download

    Best-fit Applications

    Intelligent transportation systems - Power substation applications - Water and waste treatment applications - Pipeline monitoring - Offshore oil & gas operations - Bus and train surveillance

  • 2020 Modularity for Future Scalability Download

    Modularity for Future Scalability

    One modular platform for diverse applications

  • 2020 Enable AIoT Computing at the Extreme Edge Download

    IIoT applications are generating more data than ever before. In many industrial applications, especially highly distributed systems located in remote areas, constantly sending large amounts of raw data to a central server is not possible. To reduce latency, lower data communication and storage costs, and increase network availability, businesses are moving AI and machine learning capabilities to the edge to enable real-time actions in the field.

  • 2020 Industrial Protocol Gateway Brochure Download

    Connect Different Protocols – It’s Quick, Easy, and Reliable.

    To optimize production and efficiency and reduce operational costs, more and more industrial automation operators are taking advantage of industrial Ethernet-based networking options—including PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus TCP—for the centralized control of real-time data.

  • 2020 Industrial Wireless Application Brochure Download

    Boost Productivity with Industrial Wireless Connectivity

    Wireless technology is an integral part of today’s industrial network infrastructure, enabling flexibility in communication, manufacturing, and automation systems so that businesses can keep pace with rapid changes in the market.

  • 2020 Intelligent Connectivity Brochure Download

    Effectively Transfer Field Data to IT/OT Systems

    The ultimate goal of most industrial automation applicationsis to obtain actionable insights from data sources for more precise decision making. To achieve this goal, businesses need to make their field data accessible to information technology (IT) or operational technology (OT) systems. Read on to learn how Moxa’s easy, reliable, and secure connectivity solutions can facilitate your industrial applications.

  • 2020 Network Infrastructure brochure Download

    Build Future-ready Network Infrastructure

    Enabling reliable connectivity for OT-IT convergence is key to creating a digital future that can accelerate data collection and utilization to boost operational efficiency, innovation, and growth in every industry.
    Ensure that your networks can take on future challenges and opportunities. Moxa’s large portfolio of industrial network infrastructure solutions helps customers optimize network systems that consolidate high-performance connectivity and mobility, strong cybersecurity, and advanced network management visibility to simplify the inevitable integration of disparate and legacy systems in complex industrial conditions.

  • 2020 UC-Series arm-based IIoT gateway brochure Download

    Expand Your Edge Applications With Wireless IIoT Gateways

    Remote or distributed outdoor IIoT applications such as in solar energy, oil and gas, and water/wastewater require reliable IIoT gateways with low-to-high bandwidth cellular connectivity to collect and transfer edge data. The Moxa UC series Arm-based computers are ideal for these applications with their wide variety of cellular connectivity options, compact size for cabinet installation, wide-operating temperature range, and hazardous location certifications. Furthermore, these computers have been deployed in a wide selection of edge application scenarios in IIoT projects around the world.

  • 2020 Media Converter Selection Guide Download

    Media Converters for Every Combination

    The comprehensive media converter portfolio for serial, Ethernet, and fiber connections.

  • 2020 Railway Brochure Download

    Your Trusted Partner in Railway Automation

    Moxa is an IRIS-certified global leading provider of a wide range of IP-based communications solutions. Moxa continually contributes its networking expertise and innovative technologies to the railway industry through new market-specific solutions and its membership of the IEC railway committee and Shift2Rail organization. 

  • 2020 Power Substation Guidebook Download

    IEC 61850 Communication and Computing Solutions for Substation Automation Systems Guidebook

  • 2020 Application Notes with EDS-2000 ML Download

    Application Notes with EDS-2000-ML

    Adopting Automated Sortation For Production Efficiency - Field Asset Monitoring Along Pipeline Deployment - Reliable Data and Image Collection From ETC Gantries - Deep Well Pump Monitoring For Automated Marine Application

  • ioThinx 4500 Serie Download

    Tailor-made for IIoT applications, the compact, intelligent, and secure ioThinx 4500 Series IIoT controllers and I/Os provide I/O-to-cloud connectivity and IT/OT protocol convergence.

  • Oil and Gas Brochure Download

    Oil & gas communications networks are mission critical, but often must be deployed at offshore oil fields in an environment with severe hazards and challenges. To successfully monitor a drilling platform remotely, the entire infrastructure needs to be extremely reliable and available. In addition to redundant wired or wireless network systems with failover capability, the network equipment must comply with industrial standards that certify its ability to operate in an environment with varying temperatures, corrosion, and vibration.

  • Optimize Your Network Infrastructure for More IIoT Opportunities Download

    While the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with its wave of innovation ushers in immense opportunities for businesses, it also opens the door to new threats. The underlying network infrastructure, therefore, must overcome this ever-growing number of challenges to sustain truly reliable connectivity. Only reliable networks—defined by uninterrupted connectivity—will be ready to support new industrial applications as opportunities arise.

  • Save Time on Selecting and Configuring Your Protocol Gateway Download

    Do you find it difficult and time-consuming to select and configure a protocol gateway?

    Our MGate series of protocol gateways offers a variety of industrial protocol conversions and intuitive graphical user interfaces to make them easy for you.

  • The Wi-Fi Device That Meets Your Diverse Communication Requirements Download

    The AWK-1137C wireless client provides reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for your machines

    Machine builders and system integrators are often looking for compact and rugged Wi-Fi devices that they can integrate into their machines for stable and reliable operation. The AWK-1137C wireless client is tailor-made for machine builders who need to add reliable Wi-Fi connectivity for a variety of industrial applications.