Products & Solutions

All our products are for industrial use and can be devided in a few major product categories. 

Our product portfolio also contains vertical marketing specific products, that fullfill the specific norms for these market, e.g. railways market, power industries, ships, ...

High MTBF rates, rugged design, long warranty period and long time support are important topics for all our products.

  • Industrial Ethernet Solutions

    Industrial Switches, Industrial Media Converters, Industrial Ethernet Gateways, Industrial WLAN, Industrial Cellular Solutions, ...

  • Serial Connectivity

    Serial Device Servers, Serial Media Converters, Multiport Serial Boards, Fieldbus Solutions, Industrial USB, ...

  • Remote Automation

    Remote I/O, Programmable Controllers, Smart I/O , Automation Software, Serial and Ethernet I/O, Wireless I/O...

  • Industrial Computing

    IIOT computers, Embedded Computers, Railway Computers, IEC-61850 Specific computers, Wireless computer, Compact computers, ...

  • IP Surveillance

    IP Camera's, Video Servers, Market specific Railway Camera's, ... Suitable for industrial applications in difficult conditions and harsh environments.

  • Accessories

    Cables, anntennes, power adapters, Din-Rail power supplies, special connectors, mounting kids, wiring terminals, ...

  • Power Products

    This category of products contains our power transformers and rotating machines. As well, the services on these products.

  • PLC Products

    All-in-One Controllers: PLC's with human interface, I/O and network connectivity integrated into one single product.

  • Network Products for Service Providers

    Expert products for voice and data transmission over copper and fiber. Especially, solutions for SHDSL and SHDSL.bis. Under Constuction.