Cost Effective and Efficient on Site Testing

Mobile Transformer Test Unit

The Mobile HV Transformer Test Unit is the most up-to-date, complete and practicable solution for providing rapid testing, analysis and diagnostics at high quality. With its mobile testing unit, Smit Transformator Service offers the option of carrying out a High-Voltage Transformer Test on site. The system is suited to every model, brand or class of transformer. The test reports incorporate accurate information on the current condition of the individual transformer. As a HV Transformer Test is conducted on site, you save both time and money. Following on-site repairs, you will receive direct insight into the results and the quality of the service work carried out. This will enable you to determine immediately if the transformer is in a condition to be put into operation again, whether it concerns a repaired, an overhauled or a new transformer.

available models

Model No. Description Quantity
Mobile High-Voltage Transformer Test Unit

Cost Effective and Efficient on Site Testing