The FlexDSL Orion3 SHDSL.bis Extended product family offers a broad range of products, which are based on the latest SHDSL.bis standards (ITU-T G.991.2 & ETS TS 101 524), while also being fully interoperable with all our existing SHDSL equipment (Orion1, Orion2 & MiniFlex). The FlexDSL Orion3 supports TC-PAM16/32 and the new TC-PAM4/8/64/128 line coding

SHDSL.bis Extended allows symmetrical data and voice transmission at speeds up to 15.2Mbps over a single pair of copper. In addition, the FlexDSL Orion3 modem range also supports DSL channel bonding for up to 4 copper pairs in order to achieve speeds to 60.8Mbps.

FlexDSL Orion3 SHDSL.bis. Extended modems can provide up to 4 complete E1 interfaces, which support framed and unframed services (G.703/G.704).

An integrated 2 or 4 port Ethernet layer 2 managed switch with VLAN, RSTP and QoS support (10/100BaseT) ensures connectivity to IP services.

Beside of E1 and Ethernet we have additional interfaces like Nx64 (that can be configured to be a V.35, V.36, X.21 or V.24 interface by software) and RS-232/485. This makes FlexDSL Orion3 SHDSL.bis Extended modems a perfect solution for a wide range of applications in which TDM and IP services need to be transmitted over copper wires.

Specially designed firmware turns selected members of FlexDSL Orion3 family into Interface converters or even into TDMoIP/TDMoE pseudo-wire devices.

Like all FlexDSL Orion & MiniFlex products, the Orion3 SHDSL.bis Extended modems family is based on industrial components and is manufactured according to highest quality standards providing additional value due to the extended temperature range and higher reliability. The combination of comprehensive functions providing maximum flexibility together with the higher quality of the FlexDSL Orion3 SHDSL.bis Extended product family make it the perfect choice for all your DSL needs.

  • Up to 15.2Mbps Data Transmission per Copper Pair
  • SHDSL and SHDSL.bis, TC-PAM16/32
  • Additional TC-PAM4/8/64/128 Available
  • 60.8 Mbps over four Copper Pairs
  • E1 (G.703/704) and Nx64 (V.35, V.36, X.21)
  • Ethernet with Integrated Layer 2 managed Ethernet Switch supports VLAN, RSTP and QoS
  • RS-232 and RS-485 Daugherboards
  • Input/Output Dry Loops Daughterboards
  • Multiservice Operation
  • Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint and Ring Operation
  • Console Port, Telnet, Web, SNMP Management
  • Secure access over SSH, SNMPv3 and HTTPs
  • 802.1x Authentication
  • RADIUS and LLDP support
  • Traffic Encryption
  • Compliant with Standard IEC 61850-3
  • 24/48VDC Powered, Low Power Consumption
  • Remote Power Support 120/200VDC
  • Included Primary Protection
  • Repeater supported and available
  • 19”, Plastic or Robust DIN-Rail Metal Enclosure
  • Extended Temperature option (-25°C ... +80°C)
  • Interface Converter Feature
  • TDMoIP/TDMoE CESoPSN Feature

available models

Model No. Description Quantity
FlexDSL Orion3 SHDSL.bis Modems and Repeaters

FlexDSL Orion3 SHDSL.bis Modems and Repeaters