MiniFlex Gigabit Modem was designed as a stand-alone solution for Ethernet networks construction with quality in mind and can be used as Access Switch with VLAN, Multicast support and DDoS protection; as Edge Aggregation Switch in Metro Ethernet Network with Q-in-Q and QoS support. For small corporate and utility networks it can be used as Core Switch with RSTP and Ethernet Ring Protection support.

The MiniFlex Switch can be used in various power scenarios. Due to its wide range from -18 to -72V DC it can be used in Telco rooms as well as in Industry. AC power could be used with external power adapter (has to be ordered separately). Power connector has special design to prevent accident unplugging.

available models

Model No. Description Quantity
MiniFlex Gigabit Ethernet Modem

MiniFlex Gigabit Ethernet Modem