A Long-term Commitment to be Your Trusted Serial Partner

With more than 25 years of experience in industrial networking solutions, Moxa offers reliable and innovative serial connectivity solutions to make your entry into the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) painless. Moxa assists customers in finding perfect-fit solutions for industrial applications, such as factory automation, transportation automation, power automation, utility automation, kiosk/ATM/POS systems, and more. To remain committed to you, Moxa pledges to provide industry-leading services for extended availability of serial products and related software to tap into the potential of the IIoT.

To meet your needs and build a long-term relationship, Moxa promises to provide:

  • A stable supply of serial connectivity solutions
  • Continuous driver/OS support for system interoperability and flexibility
  • Trusted sales, technical, and purchasing services
  • Serial Device Servers

    Serial Media Converters

    Multiport Serial Boards

    Fieldbus Solution

    Industrial USB Converters/Hubs

    Surge Protector - Data Line Surge Protection

    Embedded Serial Device Servers